What We Do

Copy Writing, Editing, and Storytelling

We create stories, headlines, web copy—when we're not doing that, we edit content for campaigns and proofread for accuracy. Many, in fact most, of our stories land in Around the O, our campus hub for staying in the know. 

Creative Plans and Strategy

We provide creative strategy for a number of projects. We seek to find new ways to reach your audience(s) and develop plans focused on solving a problem with the variables at hand. We are often in meetings with you jotting down ideas to bring back to the team for our creative sessions. We often have our students involved in pitching the ideas and supporting the executions. 

Digital E-mail Campaigns

We create and produce initial concepts for digital e-mail campaigns, including information and system architecture for e-messaging, content creation, and look and feel of the final product. We are also responsible for all communications sent through CampusNexus CRM (formerly Talisma), the University’s constituent relationship management system, also known simply as CRM.

File Storage and Archives

As a best practice for the university, we store all art files, image files, and archives for your department(s). Our IT service staff is responsible for backing up the file storage according to university policy. Due to storage limits, it is highly recommended not to duplicate a digital storage of any project. We also store physical copies of nearly all print pieces; items are turned over to university archives for historical record every 10 years. 

Graphic and Website Design

We provide graphic design services for projects including publications, digital assets, websites, event collateral, and other media. We work to use the university brand on our projects while finding ways to individualize the visual look and feel for each project.

Photography and Videography

We continually add to our digital asset library for use in strategic communications and we have a professional crew of photo and video staff out in the field making that happen. We use our photographs to tell stories, convey information, and help folks take action. With video it's much the same, but often brought to life even more with motion and sound. All video work needs to be done in-house unless official permission is granted to work with outside agencies (this includes the Daily Emerald and Allen Hall Advertising).

Website and Social Media

We provide web services including development, design, content creation, editing, database management, web forms, and analytics. On the social media side we tweet, post, hashtag, and engage. Then they retweet, follow, comment, like, and take action. #callmeaduck

Other Duties As Assigned

When we are not doing all that, we also support public relations and earned media. Ads. Swag. Brand alignment. Consulting. Creative direction. And all those things we haven’t thought of yet.