SSEM Events

The Student Services and Enrollment Management Events Office works to provide support to division-wide events focused on recruiting students to the University of Oregon, fostering brand awareness, and engaging the wider community.

Our team focuses on high-touch, large-scale events on campus and across the country. We use our deep working knowledge of the division to ensure that events meet programmatic and strategic needs to support SSEM and the overall mission of the university.

Planning Events Can Be a Lot of Work—But Also a Lot of Fun

Our team of professionals is committed to helping make your event a success, right down to the last detail. We will work with you to secure venue and rental contracts, design a perfect room setup, assist in arranging food and beverage menus, help coordinate communication plans, organize payment, and so much more. Our team will work with on-campus partners and vendors to support your event efforts and meet your overall goals.

The SSEM Events office supports events within the Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management with a focus of recruiting students to the University of Oregon. Examples are:

  • Receptions
  • Scholarship events
  • Sponsorship events
  • Bowl game events

If you have any questions about if your event meets the criteria, please contact us.

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To begin planning for your event, please email us.

If something is pressing and time sensitive, please email or call us first. Limited time often means we have fewer options.

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