Class of 2027 forms an "O" on the field of Autzen Stadium
Welcome Class of 2027

The University of Oregon begins the academic year with a new incoming class of Ducks.

Meet the Class

Who We Are

SSEM’s mission is to build a diverse, exceptional, and inclusive campus community. We are committed to providing access, affordability, and essential services that support all students to succeed as engaged, healthy, life-long learners at the University of Oregon and beyond. We aspire to serve our community with excellence, integrity, innovation, and compassion.

The Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management advances the University of Oregon's tradition of excellence by enrolling and retaining high-achieving scholars from Oregon, across the country, and around the world. We work on behalf of prospective students, current students, and their families through each phase of the enrollment process: the college search, admission, registration, financial aid and scholarship, orientation, University testing center, campus life and onward to graduation.

But we don't stop there. We care and support students while they live and learn on campus in University Housing or visit University Health Services for support with counseling or health needs. We also support community education through our Continuing and Professional Education program.

Student Life Cycle

Student Life Cycle "The Oregon O" is the ultimate symbol for learning, an unending process throughout our lives. Here we see it reflected in the student life cycle, a process without an end. Prospective students make the decision to become Oregon Ducks, go on to achieve success here, then graduate. Through their academic, career, community, and financial contributions, alumni and donors fuel the growth and development of new students. We value our alumni and encourage them to give the wheel another spin. Welcome to our circle; or as we call it The Oregon O.

  1. Prospective Students
  2. Admitted to the University of Oregon
  3. Enrolled Students
  4. Graduates of the University of Oregon
  5. University of Oregon Alumni
  6. Donors to the University of Oregon


Circular image that progresses from prospect to admitted, enrolled, graduate, alumni, and donor