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SSEM Research and Assessment

The mission of SSEM Research and Assessment is to leverage research design and analysis to inform the decisions of SSEM departments in enrolling and retaining high-achieving scholars; and providing access, affordability, and essential services to support all students.

We assist departments in continuous assessment of their strategic goals to increase the effectiveness of operations and support student success.

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What We Provide

In service to the SSEM departments, SSEM Research and Assessment provides deep expertise in data and analysis practices to inform decisions that impact service offerings, efficiency, and effectiveness. We advise on best-practices for department-led tasks, and provide advanced analytical support to specialized research projects. Contact us with any questions about your specific research needs. Typical projects include:

  • Annual assessment planning and reporting
  • Data definitions, standards, and reliability
  • Program assessment and outcomes
  • Project outcome and measurement consulting
  • Point-in-time reporting
  • Automated reporting
  • Return on investment calculations
  • Interpreting and displaying data
  • Predictive analysis
  • Surveys, focus groups, and other methodologies
  • Information about UO students

Meet the Team

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Jonathan Jacobs


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Andre Klest

Assistant Director of Research

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Tracy Bousselot

Assistant Director of Assessment