Timelines and Best Practice

There are a variety of ways for UO departments and programs to get your messages to on-campus audiences. We will help you consider which channels will be most effective for accomplishing your goals and connecting to your target audience. Be aware that some of these channels require specific scheduling, reservations, branding, or other requirements that you may be responsible for. All staff are expected to follow the university solicitation policy and materials must meet university brand standards.


minimum 5 weeks production; scheduling required by client

Banners can currently be placed across 13th Avenue (either east or west) and on the upper railing of the EMU. Three banners are available on the Gumwood Terrace, two on the Fishbowl Terrace, and one in the Inner Courtyard. Banners are scheduled for 7 days at a time (Monday-Sunday). Banners on the EMU should be hung by sponsor with rope or twine (not tape). Wording and graphics should be appropriate for a campus audience, follow brand guidelines, and may be removed if deemed otherwise.

To place a banner on 13th or the EMU, and for banner guidelines, contact Scheduling and Event Services at 541-346-6000.

Digital Displays

minimum 2 weeks production; scheduling required by client for non-Student Life/SSEM screens

There are a number of screens across campus. Some screens in the EMU, Rec Center, Holden Center, Career Center, and Dean of Students Office will run a student playlist that is managed by our team. Access to appear on the playlist is limited to the divisions that we support (SSEM and Student Life), and most, if not all, of those slides are created by our team, for our clients. Criteria and standards for digital display content varies. We will help you understand where a display can be posted and if there is a cost.

If you are wanting a screen to run in academic buildings across campus you will need to work individually with those departments to reserve a space. Please let us know during verify plan if you have a reservation for one of the academic screens, as the size requirements for those are often different from the screens we control.

Ground Stakes

minimum 5 weeks production; scheduling required by client

Any of the areas on campus with bark (not grass) can have ground stakes placed in them. Two organizations may have 25 ground stakes each for one week. All stakes must be removed by 10:00 a.m. the day after your event. To schedule ground stake placement, contact Scheduling and Event Services at 541-346-6000. Please note we do not design ground stakes without a confirmed reservation.

News and Stories

minimum 2 weeks production; scheduling required by client

There are a variety of news channels for information and stories happening in your area: Around the O, e-news communication, the Emerald, local papers, etc. If you have a story, please fill out the story request form under the media section.


minimum 2 weeks production; scheduling may be required by client

All posters and flyers must include the name of the campus sponsor and campus location. Make sure to check-in with the department or unit for any bulletin boards before you place posters and follow any instructions (e.g. acquire a stamp from the office that manages the board, only place in certain sections of the board). Posters and flyers should only be placed in approved areas. Telephone poles, garbage cans, bike racks, and structural elements of buildings are not legitimate signage places, unless they are designated for signage.

UO Housing has specific guidelines for placing posters in the residence halls.

Sandwich Boards

minimum 3 weeks production; scheduling required by client

Boards should be no taller than four feet tall and should only be placed in approved areas on campus.

Two sandwich boards can be reserved from Scheduling and Event Services for one week at a time. The boards can be placed on the corner of 13th and University by the EMU Amphitheater. Contact Scheduling and Event Services at 541-346-6000 to make a reservation.

Social Media

minimum 3 business days

We approach social media like a dinner party: mingle and engage. We like our posts and info to be a conversation, not just a speech—that way the reach and impact is stronger. We help you create clear content, scheduling, number of posts, engagement tactics, etc. It's important to reach your audience(s) at the right time and on the right channels. The social squad helps create digital content for many channels in both divisions.

Table Tents

minimum 2 weeks production; scheduling required by client

With approval, these can be placed in the EMU and the dining venues in UO Housing. For information about dimensions and placing table tents in UO Housing, visit UO Housing's print advertising guidelines. Table tents in the EMU and UO Housing follow the same dimension guidelines.

To reserve table tent space in the EMU, contact Scheduling and Event Services at 541-346-6000. Please note we do not design table tents without a confirmed reservation.

University Calendar

minimum 3 business days for approval

This is the central place for the complete list of events happening on campus. All campus audiences are being directed here to post their events and to search for activities on campus. Visit calendar.uoregon.edu to post events.

Video Production

minimum 4–6 weeks, varies based on length and concept

Video production can take a great deal of planning, shooting, editing, and proofing. We recommend any video needs you have be planned well in advance and, given the labor-intensive nature of the work, be reserved for major priority items.