How We Work

Getting Started

The Strategic Communications and Marketing team provides project management for all communication and marketing projects for Student Services and Enrollment Management and Student Life departments. This work includes production timing; cost estimates; vendor selection; delivery; and services for photography, graphic design, copy writing, editing, web development, social media, and other needs. Projects are initiated by a UO staff member in one of these divisions. To launch a project, choose the request (we have a few different forms to make it easier for you) and fill out the online intake form. You will receive a confirmation e-mail acknowledging our receipt of your request and your account rep will get back to you within three business days. Your account rep will verify a plan with you in Wrike (our project management system) before any work is done.

If something is pressing and time sensitive, please e-mail or call us first. Limited time often means we have fewer options. 

Wrike—Our Project Management System

Wrike is our production software we use to collaborate with you, track progress, communicate, and share proofs. Like any tool, it may take some getting used to but we're here to help. Let us know if you would like a quick demo or refresher.

Some tips: 

  • is the URL to login. Don't set up a trial account if it is your first time. The password will be something you choose, not your Duck ID.
  • Don't forget to type @mention (name) and click on the name that pops up when you are writing us back so we see the note in our workflow.
  • If you are not sure who to @mention, tag your account rep.
  • You can download proofs and share with others if need be; it's best if we get final edits from the person who requested the project.
  • We prefer approvals on items with a cost come from a professional staff member who controls that index/budget.
  • We always proof final versions (even if we make small changes from the first round). This is to ensure you have the final sign off before we spend any money or deploy.

Wrike and Student Employees

We strongly believe in student development and are happy to work with your student employees. To ensure projects are completed in a timely manner, we have a few guidelines for including students on communication projects.

  • If a project request form is submitted by a student worker, make sure that a professional staff member is identified as the contact person at the bottom of the form.
  • Your account rep will work with the professional staff to verify the plan.
  • While students can provide feedback on proofs within Wrike, final approval needs to come from a professional staff member.

Project Assignment and Communication During Production

Once you’ve submitted the completed intake form and verified the plan with us, we will begin building out all the tasks to complete the job. If you want to give us information or updates along the way, you can always add comments or files to your verify plan task in Wrike (don't forget to tag us with the @mention). Once we have proofs to show you, we will tag you in Wrike and await your feedback or approval.  

Client Communication and Meetings

The account rep assigned to your program or department will meet regulary with directors or staff for planning and time to check in. Each staff does it a little differently so connect with your supervisor or account rep. If you have a major project and you feel it would be better to meet in person, let us know. 

Cost and Budget

Client departments will cover costs for all projects completed by Strategic Communications and Marketing. We do not charge for staff labor; however, all materials, swag, appareal, etc. are the budget responsibility for the department. If you need quotes or cost estimates please let us know while we are verifying plans with you.


Project timelines vary widely, but nearly every project includes time to create or edit content, design, test or proof, and production with vendors. Projects vary based on the complexity, scope, our overall workload, and number of stakeholders. Simple projects generally take two weeks. Projects of moderate complexity that involve a vendor genearlly take four to six weeks or more and highly complex projects generally take six weeks or longer. You can read more about general task timelines on our project timelines page.


Still have questions? Give us a call and we'll be happy to help.