Setting Up Wrike

All marketing and communication projects are completed in our enterprise system Wrike. Your client manager will first invite/add you to a project after you have submitted a ticket. The invitation will generate an email to your @uoregon email to send you to the Wrike login page. 

Wrike Settings and Notifications

After you log in (this will not be with your Duck ID you will need a different password), we recommend clicking on your profile in the top right, selecting “settings” then “email preferences” and then only checking the following:

  • Someone @mentions me
  • Someone comments without @mentioning me
  • I missed several @mentions from my teammates send me email at [time]

You are more than welcome to click other items but most folks find those overwhelming to their Email inbox and/or not necessary.

Some clients find the web browser version of Wrike sufficient, they also have a desktop and mobile app you can download. We recommend not approving proofs on the phone app since the image is so small.

Communicating Together in Wrike

At the top you will see an "Inbox" any time we communicate with each other it will @tag you and appear in your inbox. You can star a message or mark as unread if you want it to stay highlighted. The rest of the function at the top is largely unusable for a “collaborator” in this system. (client access is considered a collaborator)

Every time we comment we need to @tag each other with our name or we likely won’t see the comment.

We will always communicate with you on the “project communication." We show you proofs on this task as well. Our team will always change the workflow status for a project. Workflows are the brains of our operation and keep our team organized for assignments, please do not change workflow statuses.

Any comments for feedback please direct to your client manager. Your client manager will communicate directly with designers, writers, etc. If your client manager is out of the office another client manager will login to see any comments and work to resolve them while someone is out. 

Adding Others to a Project

If you ever want us to add other team member to a project we are happy to do so we just ask that the person who made the request be the final approver.

One example of this, we often will add the person in charge of your social media account on social graphics so they can download them after it is complete. This saves you a step, you just need to let us know if you would like us to do that.

Commenting and Feedback on a Project

When you open up a PDF you have a few options to give us feedback. You can click anywhere on the proof and you will see a red dot pop up and then you can make a comment. (don’t forget to @tag your client manger for each of those). If you have a lot of text edits its usually easier for our team if you edit a pdf and then upload it. Whichever way you prefer is fine. You can also just comment on the project with general notes. Either way, please just don’t forget to tag us.

Downloading Files

You can download PDFs to keep but IT generally asks departments not to keep duplicates storage. We keep the original files, versions, and a cloned back up of all files. We are happy to pull up anything that has been done in the past if that is helpful.

Students in Wrike

While we know many students support programs and departments, we kindly ask a professional staff member is the person to sign off on all work. This is largely in part because of budget authority and so we know your needs are being met and we are not wasting your time. We have made a few exceptions to this so please discuss with your client manger if that is needed so we can clearly state expectations for each other.