Media and Quick Quack

Media on our campus is coordinated centrally. If you are contacted by any member of the media (including student media), please follow the guidelines below.

Media Guidelines

  • Please collect information about the details of the request.
  • Ask for the reporter's timeline and best contact information and reply with a "we will get back to you as soon as possible."
  • Forward request, contact information, and timeline in an e-mail to Katy George and Molly Blancett with any details that would be helpful. Feel free to call if it seems urgent.
  • You will be given a confirmation to respond or we may choose to have someone else respond if it's more appropriate.
  • If you are the one responding, you may ask for the reporter to provide questions ahead of time and respond via e-mail if you are more comfortable.
  • Often times we will consult with University Public Relations staff for direction. This will be managed by Katy George. If you are unable to reach Katy and the matter seems urgent, please contact Molly Blancett.
  • If we decide to deny a request for some reason, someone from University Public Relations will follow up with you.

Quick Quack Student E-news

Quick Quack is the offiical student e-news. It notifies students about what is going on around campus that week, connects them with resources, and reminds them of important dates. The email is sent to all Eugene based students on Thursday and all content is tweet-style in length. We do a reduced number of sends during the summer. Content is selected on the following criteria:

  • Event is open to most or all students
  • Event is posted on the UO calendar
  • Event is an official univesity sanctioned or sponsored event
  • Event supports academic and diversity missions of the university
  • Information is critical to student success
  • Information is required to notify students 
  • Information has a redirect to learn more
  • Information connects students to a sense of belonging

For past examples of Quick Quacks visit our archive page