SSEM Strategic Plan

SSEM Mission

The mission of Student Services and Enrollment Management (SSEM) is to build a diverse, exceptional, and inclusive campus community. We are committed to providing access, affordability, and essential services that support all students to succeed as engaged, healthy, life-long learners at the University of Oregon and beyond. We aspire to serve our community with excellence, integrity, innovation, and compassion.

It is through this mission that we began plans to develop our SSEM Strategic Plan.

Strategic Frame Work

Each department worked to develop a department plan that would follow our four core service areas. These four areas have division goals and a shared focus to align our shared work in support of our mission.

1. Success: 

The intent of the success goal section is to give all departments a place where they can provide utilization targets or innovation targets specific to their department. If there are student-facing, department-specific targets, they are intended to go here.
Division Goals: To support positive learning experiences and the development of knowledge and skills that foster success.
Focus: student focus, departmental outcomes 

2. Service: 

The intent of the service goal section is to have a division focus on best practices for staff engagement and enrichment—empowering employees. 
Division Goals: To cultivate an environment where we are empowered and encouraged to serve university communities with excellence.
Focus: Team member focus, division outcomes

3. Community: 

The intent of the community goal section is to have a division focus on best practices for community building, equity, and inclusion that apply to both students and staff.
Division Goals: To strive for an increasingly diverse, exceptional, and inclusive university community.
Focus: Student and staff focus, division outcomes

4. Access and Affordability: 

The intent of the access and affordability section is to identify cross-departmental or division-wide barriers to access and offer solutions for how to break those barriers. 
Division Goals: To grow, promote, and champion the services and opportunities that facilitate and enhance a University of Oregon education.
Focus: Student Focus, Cross-departmental outcomes

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