SSEM Receives Consultation Report

The University of Oregon Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management (SSEM) recently engaged an external consultant to assess the University Health Center (UHC), a critical service unit on campus.

Dr. Jim Jacobs, Executive Director of The Vaden Health Center at Stanford University, spent a considerable amount of time reviewing and assessing the UHC, working closely with the dedicated staff of the center for input, observations.

While his report outlines many important observations and recommendations, one of the key findings is the high degree of dedication to serving the health needs of our students the UHC team shares.

Now that SSEM is in receipt of the report, leadership will spend the next 120 days absorbing the findings and developing plans to address some of the issues the report illuminates. It is critical for the university to take the time necessary to give the report the thorough review it deserves and to determine how best to move forward and continue delivering top-quality healthcare services to our students.

If you’d like to review a redacted copy of the report, please contact us at or at 541-346-2541.